Migrant Children Need Hope

More than 11,000 migrant children are currently in U.S. detention centers. They are seeking asylum from violence, sex trafficking, and extreme poverty in their home countries.

We Want to Help

We want to deliver drawings to as many of them as possible with a simple message of hope and courage: ¡Tú vales todo! You are worth everything!

You Can Contribute


Download our template, which includes our message in Spanish and many Latin American indigenous languages, and print it on white copy paper.


Host a drawing party with family, neighbors, and friends, in person or on social media. Be sure to follow our drawing guidelines.


Mail your drawings to:

Mis Amigos Project

P. O. Box 233 

Aromas, CA  95004

drawing guidelines

To accomplish our mission of bringing hope and courage to children, please:

  • Focus on hope

  • Cultivate inclusion

  • Engender empowerment

  • Be respectful of all beliefs

  • Stay away from political messages

  • Avoid personal identifiers (first name and city are ok)


¡Tú vales todo! | You are worth everything!

P.O. Box 233

Aromas, CA 95004


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